Apr. 27, 2019 - @ 7:30 pm
Voices from the Margins

Apr. 28, 2019 - @ 3:00 pm
Voices from the Margins

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Mar 17 - 1:15 pm
The 2019 Cabaret was great fun and a huge success! Now on to our Spring Concert! Save the dates April 27 and 28 for "Voices From The Margins"
Feb 28 - 1:55 pm
A Musical Moment. ?riks E?envalds - Ancient Prairie The Ancient Prairie - Bai Juyi (772-846) The prairie overflows with the grass' s rolling billows, As the year comes and goes, it withers and grows. The wild fire can never bum it out of view, When the vernal breeze arises, it appears anew. Its balmy odors drifts across the path time-worn, Its luster of green extends to the town forlorn. Again as I see my friend along the road depart, I feel the grass is deep in sorrow as my heart.
Feb 23 - 11:50 am
Gentlemen! An opportunity for you! I'm currently rehearsing in Wausau for this incredible piece and we are in need of a few more gentlemen! It's a stunning piece of music! We rehearse Tuesday evenings at the LDS Church in Rib Mountain from 6-8:30. Performances are April 7 & 8 at 7pm at the Grand Theater. If you want to listen to the piece, I'm attaching a version from YouTube! If you or anyone you know is interested, please contact me and I'll give more details!
Feb 11 - 2:52 pm
Last Chance! Ticket Orders accepted through today. Get your tickets NOW!
Feb 11 - 2:34 am
Feb 1 - 5:13 pm
Music For A Cold Friday Night
Jan 15 - 2:42 pm
Something for a winter's day. Sure wish we had the snow...
Jan 7 - 2:05 pm
Starting off the week with something quiet and contemplative: Abide: Forgive me if I forget with the birdsong and the day's last glow folding into the hands of the trees, forgive me the few syllables of the autumn crickets, the year's last firefly winking like a penny in the shoulder's weeds, if I forget the house, if I forget the day as the evening star pours out its whiskey over the gravel and asphalt I've walked for years alone, if I startle when you put your hand in mine, if I wonder how long your light has taken to reach me here. Poem by Jake Adam York, Choral Arrangement by Dan Forrest:
Jan 1 - 4:49 pm
Stay Warm! Listen to Choral Music.
Dec 20, 2018 - 2:39 pm
Wishing You A Christmas of Wonder and Music This carol is written by Abby Betinas, a Stevens Point Native and former member of our choir.
Mar 17 - 1:15 pm
The 2019 Cabaret was great fun and a huge success! Now on to our Spring Concert! Save the dates April 27 and 28 for "Voices From The Margins"
      You may have watched the televised singing competition The Voice.  As in other shows of its kind, the keys to success seem to be making yourself as distinctive and different from your fellow competitors as possible, and putting your own individual stamp, however unusual, on every song you sing.  It’s all about YOU!
      As choral musicians, we take a different approach to the voice.  We strive for an artistic unity, not by trying to make everyone sound the same, but by using our individual vocal qualities to create something that is far beyond what any one of us could achieve alone. It’s all about US – and about sharing that musical creation with you, our audience.  Please join us this season as we celebrate the voice!