Generally speaking, the Monteverdi Chorale's concert season consists of three major events:  a concert series in December, a cabaret style dinner program in February, and a spring concert series in late April or early May. However, due to the Covid pandemic we have decided to do virtual concerts instead of our traditional in person events. 

“While this has been a challenging start to our concert season, I am comforted by the drive of our singers and our community to continue making music,” said Dr. Miller. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the way Monteverdi rehearses and the resulting program format. Gone are the rehearsals where a large group of people stand closely together and rehearse for several hours. “The absence of traditional, in-person rehearsals has reminded us of the importance of singing and music. Music has always been a respite from the challenges
and stress we face. We hope that Monteverdi Chorale’s virtual winter concert event will
offer hope and joy, and once again usher in the holiday season for you and your family,” shared Dr. Miller. “A Season for Song” will be recorded and produced for Monteverdi by Thousand Lumens Productions of Stevens Point.
Monteverdi also plans to hold their February Cabaret performance and a Spring concert
in April.